Wednesday 28 September 2011

A short update...

A short update as we have been very quiet on the blog front. We have no current adventures and challenges in the near future but at least finally I (Sarah) am back on my feet after recovering from my knee op and able to get out enjoying this late bit of sunshine with some nice walks last weekend as well as back in full swing at hot yoga!

It feels great being able to get back to some sort of fitness and time off my feet has made me realise just how much we take being able to walk, run and cycle for granted. I'm still getting twinges of pain, but thank fully they are getting less and less.

Tomorrow we are taking a day off work to enjoy the 28 degree weather and the good surf (hopefully as forecasted) as this could be the last surf session of the year!

I'm really getting into hot yoga and a future post is going to share some of the great experiences and benefits of yoga and in particular yoga in the heat!