Tuesday 26 July 2011

Day 2: Kingshouse to Kinlochleven

Had another early start this morning. Sarah woke up at 6:30am after not being able to go to sleep again. I was woken up 15 minutes later with Sarah looking for something in our already packed and ready to go ruck sack... but that's why I love her :)

Packed our ruck sack about 3 more times before heading for breakfast. We both had a full Scottish breakfast, me having lorne sausage and potato cake extra.  We finally left Kingshouse and started off on the next leg.

For the first hour we walked alongside the Buachalle Etive Mor, a mountain we had a perfect view of from our bedroom window at the Kingshouse. It really is a perfect mountain with a pointy top and craggy sides, there's apparently a hillwalkers path up it, something we have both decided we will be back to try.

Sooner than we realised we were at the bottom of the Devils Staircase. Standing at the bottom looking up in the already hot sun it looked a pretty tough climb, but within an hour we were at the top having photos taken with spectacular views across the glens and mountains and fighter jets flying below us.

The descent turned out to be more of a challenge with us both suffering knee pain. Lunch was had next to a small waterfall and it was a blissful half hour before back on our feet for more downhill walking which took nearly 3 hours in total and Sarah re-spraining her ankle as well as having her usual hissy fit about sore knees :-) 

We're now sat in the bar at the Macdonalds Hotel and Cabins drinking very welcome ice cold cokes waiting for our baggage. As soon as it arrives we are taking a short walk up to the Grey Mary waterfall and to buy supplies for dinner, we'll be cooking ourselves tonight... Although the half roast chicken is sounding good! 

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