Monday 22 August 2011

Inspiration in a time of Boredom

The blog has been quiet for a while, as you may or may not know the last two weeks have seen me (Sarah) laid up on the sofa following an operation on my knee to smooth and shrink some broken cartilage. 

Before the op I was the fittest I have been in a long time, possibly ever, having completed the 48.1 mile ITEX walk and hiking up Ben Nevis. So suddenly not being able to walk for more than a few metres left me feeling pretty frustrated and miserable!

Instead of feeling sorry for myself (well only a little bit of the time) I decided to take inspiration from books, blogs and tv programmes to help me set goals for the future.

So here's a few tv shows and books that have inspired me over the last two weeks:

Jack Osborne, series one Adrenalin Junkie, climbing El Capitan. 
A few weeks off my feet is still going to leave me fitter than Jack at the start, ok I don't have famous trainers or unlimited money, but if he can learn to climb that, I can learn simple single pitch climbs!

James Cracknell, The toughest foot race on earth
 I thought I was in pain but watching the  Marathon Des Sables (and Jack Osbornes attempt) I realised it wasn't really pain in comparison. Would love to give the MDS a go but I can't see it happen... For a while anyway :) 

Holding On, Jo Gambi
My favourite book when I feel down, if Rob can climb the 7 summits whilst in remission from cancer it makes me realise the human body can do so much more, especially if you're doing it with the person you love!

Alastair Humphreys Thunder & Sunshine
A great book to escape with and it confirms that there are more good than bad people in the world. Makes me want to run away on my bike.

The Hill, Ed Hommer
Ed lost both his legs and two friends on Denali whilst piloting his plane, yet after losing everything including his family, he fought back and triumphed by summiting the mountain that nearly killed him.

So what has this inspired me to do?
As well as eventually following our dreams one day, I'm going to...
... Run my first marathon.
I don't know if it will be next year or 2013 but I'm thinking either the Edinburgh Marathon, nice looking profile and decent cut off time. Or the Marathon du Medoc, wine and oysters rather than water and bananas at the refreshment stops! 

I realised me and Ben have big dreams (next blog, our ever growing bucket list) but most of them  involve large amounts of fitness and endurance both physical and mental. I'm not much of a runner, but the ITEX showed me I can do more than I think and a marathon is a great test of strength needed for future adventures.

So stayed tuned here to find out my progress on getting back on my feet after the op and the latest on my quest in running 26.2 miles.


  1. A marathon is a great measuring stick. Same for everyone, everyone understands it, everyone knows whether you did well or not so well. I think everyone should run one 'normal' marathon in their life.
    Good luck!
    5 hours 30 to beat [ if you wear a rhino suit;-) ]

  2. Thanks for your comments Alastair- I'm hoping for 5 to 5h30... but without the rhino suit! I'll save fancy dress for the Marathon du Medoc, but seeing as it's normally about 25 degrees+ I'm think I'll choose something a bit cooler!