Thursday, 5 May 2011

Final Day & Final Thoughts on Finland

The weather this morning reflected our feelings, grey, windy and pretty miserable!

After ‘The Last Breakfast’ we packed up, paid the bill then it was one final walk to Myllykoski rapids and Mill.

As soon as we set off I could feel tears sting my eyes and my throat ached, I just hoped I could keep it together! At the mill, Eki made us make a snowball, he explained how we would through it into the river, it would melt into water, flow through Russia into the White Sea, before being taken back into the clouds and falling back to earth again, maybe as snow one day. He told us that as we threw it into the river to think of our own journey at Basecamp, how a week before we had started out at the Mill on our snowshoes and how we end it here and to think of if, when and how we might return to Basecamp.

We threw the snowballs, then it was time for hugs and goodbyes and it was at that point I could hold it together no longer and the tears flowed.

Final Group Picture by the Mill

The week spent at Basecamp seemed to open something inside me, I pushed myself at some points to the limits at other times I felt a still, calm quietness. I felt content and happy everyday, even when I was nervous like before the snowmobiling I did it and realised a little a bit of fear is good, it makes the adrenalin flower better!

It was a great feeling to finish each day tired, not a run down feeling from sat in front of a computer all day, but of hard work, fresh air and of being healthy and wanting to do more not veg out in front of the TV.

We both seemed to have had a realisation that we want to get out there and to enjoy the outdoors, to enjoy peace and quiet and just ‘being’. So with this is mind… keep reading for the next adventure!

If you’ve enjoyed reading about our Finland trip- we’d definitely recommend going and experiencing it for yourself! Have a look at the trip here on the Exodus website.

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