Monday 23 May 2011

Instead of Sitting at my desk I’d rather be… Hiking the Karhunkierros Trail

Fresh air, pine trees and perfectly clear streams and lakes, the Karhunkierros (or ‘Bear Trail’) starts just below the Arctic Circle in Finland and heads South through Lapland to Ruka, through 80km of pristine wilderness.

I’d love to be waking to feel that sharp, cool damp air in my lungs of a forest awakening after a deep winter. Crisp late spring mornings and warm sunny afternoons. The simple life of walking with just a backpack and sleeping bag and food supplies to last the walk, no time to keep, not even full darkness with the Midnight Sun.

Staying overnight at the huts along the way, where everything is provided- even an axe to chop wood and pans to cook dinner. Evenings by the campfire and morning dips in the chilly waters that can be drunk from whenever needed without the need of boiling and purifying.

It would be great to be enjoying the stillness and calm, nothing but the sound of the wind in the trees, the bird song and flowing waters- no cars, no ringing phones, no emails.

And the best thing is… this time next year we’ll only be a few weeks away from being there!!! 

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