Friday, 6 May 2011

Instead of Sitting at my Desk I'd Rather Be...

There are so many exciting places in the world that we’d love to see, experience and immerse ourselves in, yet at present in is necessary to spend most of our lives sat at a desk in front of a computer screen, merely dreaming of these places while we pay our bills and try to save for our next holiday.

On my desk I have a postcard of a perfect wave breaking at J-Bay in South Africa, in my desk draw I have a crumpled map of the Tour d’Afrique and my PC wall paper is usually an image of our most recent trip (currently husky sledding in Finland) all of which daily remind me the reason I am sat here, but sometimes make me question why am I not out there, doing these things already.

So each week myself and/or Ben are going to start a write up of ‘Instead of sitting at my desk I’d rather be…’ to assist with our daydreams, and who knows might even give us some new ideas for the day we can swap our office chair for an airline seat and our suits and shirts for a pair of shorts and hiking boots.

The first I’d rather be… has to be the Tour d’Afrique, as after 4 months on the road/ sand/ muddy paths of Africa the riders will reach Cape Town on the 14th May.

The Tour ‘Afrique was first brought into our lives back in 2008 while searching for bike rides in South Africa before a trip out there. I am came across 2 great blogs Cycling the Road Less Travelled and The Planet D and I was hooked, following their highs and lows from Cairo to Cape Town.

We started making plans in the hope that this would happen in 2012 but as is often the case finance and life got in the way. Yet it is still something we dream of. Can you imagine 4 months of seeing, smelling and tasting the sights and sounds of Africa from top to bottom.

So while I sit here at my desk, I think of the strong, brave and lucky riders currently pedalling their way through South Africa and think “I’d rather be there…” who knows, maybe one day!

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