Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Instead of Sitting at my Desk I'd Rather Be... Exploring Iceland

Although we’ve talked about visiting Iceland for a while, it was only reading Alastair Humphreys blog followed by watching Julia Bradbury on the BBC, that made us realise what a fabulous and exciting place Iceland really is!

Instead of sitting here this morning at my desk I’d love to be on the Laugavagur trail, spending days walking through land that’s straight out of Lord of the Rings. Feeling dwarfed by mountains and crossing ice cold rivers. Even battling the famous, unpredictable weather, feeling the wind and rain on my face. Arriving at the huts at the end of the days walk to warm up and be safe from the storms.  

It would be great to see the famous volcano Eyjafjallajokull, to see and walk on land that is only years if not months old, land that has been created in our lifetime, not millions of years ago.

And after the walk, exploring the glaciers and ice climbing on the largest glacier in Europe- Vatnajokull …. Boat rides to watch the glaciers calve off into the ocean, seeing whales and dolphins playing in their natural habitat and experiencing hot springs and geysers.

And the midnight sun, never fully setting so partying in Reykjavik can last all night long.

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